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Israel Tour – Jerusalem Old City and Tel Aviv Beach (2009)

My visit to Israel in 2009. Tour of Jerusalem Old City and Tel Aviv beach next to my hotel…

1) Jerusalem Old City – views of Western Wall, Dome of The Rock, al-Aqsa Mosque and Church of the Holy Sepulchre. A UNESCO World Heritage site. Views of Mount of Olives. Then at night views of the Old City from hotel roof and the Muslim Prayer call seen from hotel room window. Holy place to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

2) Tel Aviv – view of Mediterranean Sea from Marina Hotel, walk down to beach for sunset.

Enjoyable holiday…



Marshal Vijay

28/04/16 at 10:56

Nice video again Mr Kesavaraj! Yet again inspiring! Hope you had a good time in Jerusalem. Looking forward to your next amazing videos :)

Bertiebigballs 1

28/04/16 at 10:56

Bring me my bow o: burning bright, bring me my arrows of desire. Nice 1 big boy.

jamal fadel

28/04/16 at 10:56

Palestinian for ever
and we'll stay our land
one day you will live our land plaive me

Al Aqsa holiest place for Muslims ??? Are you serious? You've heard of Mecca? She is most sacred to Muslims, Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Koran, check it and see! Jerusalem is the holiest Jewish people! , learn history

Kayur Vyas

28/04/16 at 10:56

Awesome video awesome sunset

Cam Lam

28/04/16 at 10:56

nice mr kesavraj , ur videos ar like professional stanard. how i will contact in face book.


28/04/16 at 10:56

This Palestine, not Israel and an Arab 100% 100

jamal fadel

28/04/16 at 10:56

MrKesavaraj             this Palestine not Israel    this our land  they steal our land Palestine    and call Israel

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